Eco-Tourism New Zealand is an organisation working on delivering focussed, strategic and positive benefits to the International Tourism Industry in the form of educating and assisting all organisations and individuals to better understand the importance and value of a sustainable tourism practise. ETNZ work within New Zealand and Internationally and endeavours to provide another set of, ears, eyes and heart to its industry partners and clients.

ETNZ is a subsidiary of Tai Poutini Polytechnic (TPP) and works from TPP’s many campuses around New Zealand with its home base in the rugged wilderness and Eco-Tourism heartland on the West Coast of the South Island.

Our Vision

To inspire the delivery of sustainable, world-class nature-based tourism experiences in all corners of the globe

Our Purpose

To support the development of quality nature-based tourism experiences and encourage collaboration within the Eco-Tourism sector worldwide

Eco-Tourism NZ’s key objective:

To support the development of international Eco-Tourism by concentrating on developing the fundamentals of the industry and infrastructure, and by supporting all organisations and individuals who wish to make a difference through Eco-Tourism.

How do we achieve this objective?

By taking a balanced and strategic approach to improving the business and overall performance of our client’s tourism based operations through education, training and consultation.

Eco-Tourism NZ’s role

Deliver specialist training and educational support for communities, operators and individuals

Equip communities and operators with the skills and knowledge to add value to customer experiences through interpretation and understanding the environment

Establish Eco-Tourism best practice standards and establish New Zealand as a nation of excellence in Eco-Tourism

Develop Eco-Tourism opportunities throughout the world

Develop strategies to ensure sustainable management of Eco-Tourism worldwide

Monitor and understand customer expectations and develop marketing and business strategies to position our clients and partners as high calibre practitioners of international Eco-Tourism

Why do we do this?

It’s all about the ‘Triple Bottom Line’

The concept of a triple bottom line (TBL or 3BL) adds two more "bottom lines“ to the traditional ‘revenue versus expenses’

It’s blending social and environmental concerns together with financial benefits.

The three together are often paraphrased as:

"Profit, People, Planet", or referred to as "the three pillars"


Triple bottom line diagram scale2

What is Eco-Tourism

Eco-Tourism: How do we define it?

What is Eco-Tourism

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