Survey Confidentiality

When it comes to providing us the information we need, your feedback is only useful when it is frank and honest.  We understand that some of your responses may be sensitive and personal so we want to assure you we will protect your right to confidentiality. 

Institutionally, we operate according to a detailed Privacy Policy (click to access within QMS[DL1] ) which fulfils the Privacy Act of 1993.  This means that we uphold specific requirements about handling the personal information we may have on file about you.  In regards to student surveys, rest assured that your responses are completely anonymous.  Responses to online surveys cannot be traced back to the student.  For paper-based surveys, Student Identification Numbers are only used to ensure the correct survey form is returned back to you and are not associated with your survey answers. 

No personally identifiable information is captured in the surveys unless you voluntarily offer personal or contact information in the any of the comment fields.  For example, in the First Impressions survey, we ask about any Student Support Services you may need to use during your study with us.  If you indicate a support need, we’ll then ask your name and preferred method of contact, then pass this onto the Support Services team only. They’ll follow-up with you directly and we’ll discard the contact information from our records. 

Also, your survey responses are combined with the responses from other students on your programme of study into a report to further protect your anonymity.