Improvements Realized

Thanks to Your Feedback!

Your voice, really does matter!  Here are some of the improvement initiatives we’ve established as a result of student surveys:

  • When IT needed to test the deployment of Wi-Fi to students on Greymouth Campus, the Jade Certificate and Diploma students were some of the first chosen. This was because in their Student Satisfaction Surveys, students stated having Wi-Fi would help their studies. After successful tests, Wi-Fi has also been provided to the Certificate in Pre-Health Science students, whose Mid-year Survey results are showing that having Wi-Fi is helping them achieve.

  • A request from a Diploma in Outdoor Instruction and Guiding student within a Mid-year Survey for Wi-Fi in the student accommodation helped build the case for this to happen. Wi-Fi will be available within our Greymouth student houses by the end of 2015.

  • The use of our TPP Library was identified as a key resource to your success.  Since 2012, we’ve been hosting compulsory library orientations for all programmes of study, and on request, Academic Skills training. 

  • We learned that many of our students at remote campuses/learning sites, weren’t aware of the Student Support Services that we offer.  In response, we’ve increased our Support Services staff member visits to each class, created a flyer with staff photos and contact information to be sent along with enrolment packs and promoted our 0800 TPP SUPPORT (0800 877 787).  This phone number is free of charge and can be called from any location in New Zealand.