Equivalent Overseas Qualifications

CountryNCEA Level 2/DiplomaNCEA Level 3/Degree


Bachillerato Especializado

One year at tertiary level


​Successful completion of year 12

​Year 12 with minimum ATAR score 69.6


​Higher Secondary Certificate 60% average

​Two years at tertiary level


3rd Year of second level

Two years at tertiary level

Chile (PRC)

Licencia de Education Media or Prueba des Aptitud Academia

Two years at tertiary level


High School Diploma

Successful completion of 1 year at a recognised University


Fiji School Leaving Certificate

Fiji 7th Form Certificate or USP Foundation


Mittlere Reife/ Realschulabschluss

Zeugnis der Allgemeinen Hochschulreife oder Abitur (a pass in 4 subjects)

Hong Kong

H.K Certificate of Education


Diploma of Secondary Education with 3 passes at Level 4 including English


Higher Secondary Certificate (Standard XII)

All India Senior School Leaving Certificate (60% average)


SMU 7.0 or  Year 3

One Year at University or SMU (average of 8.5)


Upper Secondary School Leaving Certificate

High School Diploma with B Average or One Year at tertiary level


High School Diploma

Junior College Diploma or High School Diploma B Average


SPM or Chinese unified exams

STPM (3 passes) or MICSS (15 points at 6 subjects)


​Successful completion  of qualification equivalent to New Zealand Year 12

​One Year at tertiary level


​Proficiency certificate 65%

​Proficiency Certificate 80%


HAVO Diploma

VWO Diploma

Pacific Islands

PPSC (Pacific Senior Secondary Certificate)

Completion of Year 13 or Foundation programmes of USP


Higher Secondary School Certificate 60%

One Year at tertiary level

Papua New Guinea


​High School Certificate 55%

​Foundation Year or One Year at tertiary level


National College Entrance Exam

Minimum of 2 years Bachelor Degree


​Certificate of Secondary Education or Certificate of Maturity

​One Year at tertiary level


​Completion of High School

​One Year at tertiary level

Saudi Arabia

​General Secondary Education Certificate 60%

​One Year at tertiary level


GCE O Level in 4 subjects

GCE A Level - 3 passes, 1 at 'C' grade or better

​Sri Lanka

​GCE O Levels

​GCE A Levels - 3 passes

South Korea

​High School Diploma

​High School Diploma - 

'B' Average


Slutbetyg (upper grades)

Avgangsbetyg average 2.3


Certificate of Proficiency

Maturity Certificate

Taiwan ROC

Senior High School Leaving Certificate

High School 'B' Average or One Year at tertiary level


Matayom 6 - grade point average of 2.5

Matayom 80% of grades at Level 4 / GPA of 2.5 or higher/One Year at tertiary level


​Completion of Year 12 (6th Form)

Successful completion of Year 13 (7th Form)

​United Arab Emirates

​Tawajihyya (Secondary School Certificate 70% or better

​One Year at tertiary level

United Kingdom

GCSE (higher grades) for admission to University in the UK

Successful completion of GCE A Levels - 3 C's or better


High School Graduation Certificate or High School Diploma

One year's study at College with a B Average


​High School Diploma or Universal graduation with grade 7/10 or 30/40

​One Year at tertiary level